What is DBIS?

DBIS stands for Digital Breast Infrared Imaging System.

Using advanced thermal imaging technology, the DBIS is the first in Asia to have undergone a large scale hospital clinical trial.

The DBIS is designed to be an adjunct to mammography to increase the likelihood of breast cancer detection.

The DBIS is particularly useful for younger women who have denser breasts. Dense breasts can mask the growth of abnormal tissue during conventional screening.

Patient A:

Normal Thermography Scans

Patient B:

Patient identified by thermogram as having highest thermobiological risk on the right central breast, associated with signs of infiltrative cancer.

Gray-Scale Image

Pseudo Color Image


DBIS is radiation-free and suitable for women of all ages.

As it has no radiation, screening can be conducted as often as desire.


DBIS requires no compression of the breasts.

Patients are simply required to stand in an enclosure to have her chest imaged.


DBIS is non-invasive, requires no injection and does not subject the patients to any procedure associated pain.


DBIS is also aesthetically designed in the form of an enclosed capsule which not only helps to ensure a temperature controlled environment and also permits screening to be done in absolute privacy.

Great User Experience

  • DBIS allows easy access for wheelchair-bound patients.
  • Air Vents provide air circulation for comfort and allow the scanning to take place in a temperature-controlled condition.
  • Soft LED lighting provides a relaxing environment and helps visual orientation when the access door is closed for scanning.
  • Clear indicators on the floor panel help the patient to position her body to the camera.

Easy Maintenance

  • Components that may require regular access are easily accessible through external doors without disturbing the patient during scanning.

Efficient Deployment

  • An adjustable thermal camera allows for anthropometric differences in different geographical regions, even in the seated position.
  • The scanner has been designed within a two-metre cube space for transportation and deployment flexibility.

USB Port & LAN Terminal

  • DBIS has a USB port and Local Area Network (LAN) Terminal to allow images to be downloaded or transferred to a secure server for storage and analysis.

LCD Screen

  • Medical grade LCD flat screen monitor, 2MP Resolution: 1200 x 1600

DIMENSION: 2.1m (height) x 2.0m (diameter)
WEIGHT: 450kg
SYSTEM: SGMI ultra-sensitive high precision screening device and discovery software